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landfilling2DRE has a wealth of experience in all aspects of  Waste Management and Environmental Services. DRE Director Damien Edmonds has managed multiple transfer stations in the Greater Melbourne region over the past two decades, along with major landfills, which disposed of a million tonnes of waste annually.

A major part of this management experience included OH& S systems, transport logistics, maintenance systems, training, large scale bin hire operations, waste cell construction, specific recycling initiatives like industrial plastics and concrete crushing and recycling.

A visit to the landfill and transfer station sites that DRE manages today provides examples of how a modern Best Practice facility works.

"The old days of the all-in-one tip are long gone. Today you can see the engineered cell constructions we use - solely for unrecyclable materials in a fully contained, leachate-proof facility, which are progressively capped. These can produce methane gas for a time which is captured, extracted and turned into electricity without any detrimental effects to the surrounding community. These practices have become commonplace at landfill facilities, which continue to break new barriers as new technology is developed".

"Everything entering a landfill today is identified as it enters the facility or at its source. The vast majority of 'solid waste' material today is recycled and turned into new products. This includes timber, glass, plastics, green waste, paper, cardboard, metals and builder's waste. There are even organisations today that specifically recycle computers and household goods."

The main emphases in effective waste management today is capture, identification and potential diversion from landfill. This means we have to provide a service that works well for the producers of waste materials - from householders to commercial businesses. We can provide additional disposal services, over and above the traditional municipal collections, for household materials, green waste, building site or specific commercial waste streams with our EPA Registered transportation, Morrell and Hook-lift bin service.

The DRE team can assist with expert construction and operational knowledge and provide the experience to upgrade facilities, introduce tested systems or even provide the overall management of local facilities.