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Specialists in Waste Management, including Regional Landfill Management, Transfer Station Recycling and Environmental Services.

DRE are Victorian based specialists in the management and day to day operation of Landfill, Transfer Station and Recycling Facilities, ranging from the following sectors; Putrescibles, Solid Inert, Asbestos and Hazardous contaminated material. The Company brings a wealth of experience in major landfill construction and management to the table, through Managing Director Damien Edmonds, who has had a successful and longstanding career in these fields.

DRE's credentials include comprehensive experience in quarrying, mining, earthworks and major metropolitan landfill and transfer station management. The Company identified a niche in the marketplace that would benefit from this experience. DRE is able to bring Best Practice Standards to regional landfill operations. Several had run out of 'capacity' to operate in the longer term without radical changes, and some are even transferring waste materials to other regions with better facilities.

With effective, efficient state-of-the-art land-filling and recycling operations, experience is key to success. As a former manager of six Regional and Metropolitan landfill and transfer station operations in Victoria, Damien Edmonds and his team also has a strong background in the earthmoving and environmental services, which are part of the infrastructure of these facilities, including the construction of high-specification waste cells.
Globally, regulations now command specialist landfill cells, waste diversion and zero waste initiatives at facilities, which have operated for decades as simple regional 'tips'.

DRE is always looking to expand its operations into new regional areas and offers not only a broad range of skills and experience, but the ability to simply take over a landfill and transfer station facility and quickly bring it up to the latest operating standards and efficiencies. This includes the day to day management of the logistics and site management, which can assist in relieving local councils of the operating responsibility of what has now become a service sector where specialist knowledge is absolutely critical.

DRE currently manages the landfill and transfer station operations at Castlemaine and Maldon in central Victoria and is looking to duplicate this service provision in additional regional centres throughout Victoria. The Company can provide a wide range of equipment and professionals to enhance or overhaul the operation of both small and large facilities. Several Best Practice initiatives DRE is fully conversant with include Contaminated Soil Processing Facilities (CSPF).

We aim to become the largest provider of specialist landfill and transfer station services throughout Victoria over the next decade.